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Drones as an effective weapon EVE

Classification of drones in eve, skills, modules and Riga to enhance the performance of drones, control drones.

Some information about drones:Flying drone.

1.Characteristics drones eve
2.Classes drones
3.Drones and skills
4.Modules to increase the effectiveness of drones
5.Of Riga. (Tuning modules)
6.Configuration and management of drones
7.Plan. The order of learning skills for drones.

Drones  help in the game for both PVP and PVE

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles. Drones may cause additional or major damage depending on the bonuses of the ship can repair the shields and armor, stun the target designation system, etc.

Drones do not require ammunition.

As Damerow drones used in PVP combat and missions.

If you are equipped with Drake, to pass the missions, then the best option would be Hobgoblin II drones maximum damage from a set of light drones. If Drake is intended for pvp, Hobgoblin II can be changed to Warrior II (faster drones) or Hornet EC-300 (can choke the system targeting the enemy ship)

1. Characteristics drones eve

Drones can be used on vehicles with special. compartment for drones, Drogba (Drone bay). The ships have a bonus on combat drones is mainly ships race Gallente. But even on ships without bonuses drones are quite effective when properly administered.

You can control a maximum of 5 drones (except ships CBT class Carriers, they allow you to manage a large number of drones). The number of controlled drones is responsible Drones skill (+1 drone per skill level). Also, the skills Drones responsible for other characteristics drones, using the skills of this group, you can increase the range of the drones, the volume of the shield, armor and hull speed drone optimal range firing and increase the damage dealt by drones. Read more all of the skills for drones described below.

Drones are versions of T1,T2 and faction.

Drones version of T2 is more efficient version of T1, fractional part drones are at the level of T2, but are more expensive.

Example options Gallente drones

options drones eve

Characteristics drones can be seen in the window information on the Specifications tab

Part characteristics drones are permanent, unchanging values, as part of improving your study skills, bonuses, ship and install on the vehicle modules and rigs.

The range of control drones - in characteristics are not displayed. The default is 20 km and increases with skill Scout Drone Operation (+5 per level of skill and skill Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing (+3km on the skill level), as well as modules and rigs.

The amount of Drona, m3 - specifies the number of drones to fit in Drogba ship. A constant feature.

The width of the control channel Mbps - determines how many drones you can control. A constant feature.

Information on the ship has the appropriate characteristics: volume of danbee (m3)and the width of the control channel (Mbps).


The cruiser Gnosis volume of danbee 75 m3, the width of the control channel bi/c, i.e., cruisers can manage 5 light(5M3\Mbit/c) and 5 medium drones(10m3\10Mbit/c), and heavy drones (m\mi/c) will fit in Drogba in Kol-e 3pcs, but pralat can only be two.

Damage and modifier damage - the more data, the more total damage drones. Damage is the basic immutable characteristic, and the modifier damage varies depending on the studied skills and the installed modules and rigs.


Basic drone (1) and the same drone (2) placed in Drogba vehicle(drone operate studied the skills of the character)

modifier damage drones

The value of DPS drones specified in the "Service equipment" ship - item "Firepower"

Each combat drone has its own type of damage depending on the race:

drones Amar - EM,

drones Caldary - KINETIC

Gallente drones - THERMAL,

Minmatar drones - EXPLOSIVE

Some fractional drones (Augumented and Integrated) can cause two types of damage, an example of 'Integrated' Hobgoblin damage thermal and Kinetic

Maneuverability is determined by the mass and inertia modifier Drona. A constant feature.

The volume of the shield, armor and structure (increased skills and modules) and the degree of resistance to different kinds of damage(permanent feature).

Optimal and effective range. The optimal range is the range at which the arms deals 100% damage to the target. Effective range - the range at which the amount of damage done is reduced by 50%. Improving skills, modules and rigs.

Speed tracking - tracking, like sentry guns. More than trekking the more likely to hit the target with max. damage. Improved module.

The rate - Constant characteristics.

Maximum speed - change study skills and modules

Speed along the orbit is a Constant feature.

The cooldown of shield - shields the drones and ships passively restored. A constant feature.

The signature is the size of a drone. A constant feature.

Drones of different races differ from each other in many characteristics.

Of all the drones are the fastest drones Minmatar and Gallente drones are the biggest modifier damage

So Galitskii most damania drones and the slowest

Matura, the fastest drones with damage on the 3rd place.

Kuldurskie, with a little less damage Galetsky and speed on the 3rd place. Have good protection.

Amursky drones the least damage and speed is slightly less Matura.

Just in case "damage"( damage) is damage dealt by drones. And we must not forget that this damage profile, Amari EAT it, Caldari - kinetics, Galanti - thermal and Matara - explosive damage.

As an example, the comparative table light drones:

2. Classes drones

Drones are divided into classes according to their function:

1. Combat Drones (Combat drones)

Battle drones have several subclasses:

1.1 Light Scout Drones

1.2 Medium Scout Drones

1.3 Heavy Attack Drones

1.4 Sentry Drones

1.5 Fighters

1.6 Fighter Bombers

2. Combat Utility Drones (auxiliary Combat drones)

3. Electronic Warfare Drones (Drones electronic counter measures)
4. Salvage Drones (Drones dismantling)

5. Mining Drones (Drones extractors)

6. Logistic Drones (Repair drones)


1.1 Light Scout Drones (Light reconnaissance drones)

light drones eve: Acolyte, Hornet, Hobgoblin, Warrior

Volume 5 m3,

The width of the control channel 5Mbps

The fastest drones, to kill frigates best option. And with good leveling skills and in variant T2 cope with the cruiser. Convenient and as additional firepower to help primary weapon.


1.2 Medium Scout Drones (Medium reconnaissance drones)

medium drones eve: Infiltrator, Vespa, Hammerhead, Valkyrie.

Volume of 10 m3,

The width of the control channel 10Mbit/s

Drones slowly lungs, but stronger and damania. For shooting cruisers and Battlecruisers(BC). The frigates efficiency is reduced compared to light.


1.3 Heavy Attack Drones (Heavy combat drones)

Heavy_Attack_Drone: Praetor, Wasp, Ogre, Berserker.

Volume 25 m3,

The width of the control channel bet/s

Drones with a little speed and maneuverability, but with good damage, especially on the ship with bonuses. Good to attack cruisers, BC and Battleships(BS). For frigates not be enough speed.

An example of the characteristics of light, medium and heavy drones

light,medium and heavy drones eve differences


1.4 Sentry Drones (Sentry drones)

Sentry Drones: Curator, Warden, Garde, Bouncer.

Volume 25 m3,

The width of the control channel bet/s

Drones without engines, i.e. can't fly, but can cause a lot of damage, especially on ships with bonuses. They move very slowly and if you want to cancel the attack of target and enter the command "Back on Board", the drones will stop firing and slowly crawl to the ship.

We also have core damage by race (as written above). The most important characteristics of these drones that range firing: optimum and effective range and velocity tracking tools(tracking). There are drones leading effective fire at close range and long-range drones.

Drones melee is Galitskii Garde - tracking the biggest, the best\effective range is the smallest. The damage coefficient is the largest.

Long-range drones. Although kalwarski drones Warden and the largest optimal, but intense. damage to the smallest and the effective range is not the greatest. Therefore it is better for ranged to apply matura Bouncer,because the effective range of the battle was the largest and most intense. damage takes the second place after Garde.

Distance activation sentry drones 250km. But to give the command to attack target drones, you can only if your vehicle from the target is at a distance of control drones (depending on the studied skills).


Drone Warden II firing range 90km

The pilot can control the drones at a distance of 57km.

The distance from the vehicle to the target of 50 km, and from the target to the drone 150km. Ship-drone distance 100km. Drone is activated according to the purpose and will fire, but will not fall.

The distance from the vehicle to the target of 70 km, distance from the drone to the goal of 50 km, the distance between ship's drone 20km, i.e., the drone can hit the goal, but the team on the attack you will not give away.

Fractional variants sentry drones have the best options for tracking than T2 drones, and optimal\effective range they have less than T2 analogues and damage coefficient less the same, but more than T1 drones.

The fighters and drones
Drones fighters and fighter-bombers because of its features used on ships of large tonnage (CBT) Carrier and Supercarrier (example: Thanatos and Nyx)
1.5 Fighters (Fighters) - drones for ships CBT class Carrier

Fighters: Templar, Dragonfly, Firbolg, Einherji.

The volume of 5000 m3,

The width of the control channel bet/s

Versions of T2 and faction there.

Decent sized drones, comparable to the cruiser. Including and caused damage and protection.

Ship media (including bonuses), you can run more than 5 fighters. Data drones-fighters can be sent to escort other ships and they can jump over them within the system. Can warpath for the purpose. Small goals do not fall, and the large is just right for them - Bq, BS, etc.


1.6 Fighter Bombers (bombers) - drones for ships CBT class Supercarrier

Fighter Bombers: Malleus, Mantis, Cyclops, Tyrfing..

The volume of 5000 m3,

The width of the control channel 500 Mbps

Versions of T2 and faction there.

These drones will be padmasree and paprotnia than fighters. Have on Board instead of the gun torpedo installation. Accordingly, it is advisable to apply for ships more slams. Good to attack capital ships of the class. May not be the escort.


2. Combat Utility Drones (auxiliary Combat drones)

military auxiliary dronedarone with stasis-network (Stasis Webifier)

Reduce the target's speed.

Presented on the eve market in three variants light Warrior SW-300, average Valkyrie SW-600 and heavy Berserker SW-900

setmouse drones

Drones converters of energy (Energy Vampires)

Neutralize taking energy to drive the enemy ship.

Species: Acolyte EV-300, Infiltrator EV-600, Praetor EV-900


3. Electronic Warfare Drones (Drones electronic counter measures)

drones Ramdani system ECM - Jammer

With a certain probability can lock the system target of the enemy ship, which deprives him of the possibility of a fire or to have a different impact on your ship. Operate on all racial sensors with equal force.

Types of drones EW: Hornet EC-300, Vespa EC-600, Wasp EC-900

the ECM drones

Drones illuminate the target (Target Painter)

Increase the target's signature

Species: Warrior TP-300, Valkyrie TP-600, Berserker TP-900

Drones illuminate the target

Drones killing tracking systems sentry gun (Tracking Disruptor)

Deteriorate the characteristics of the sentry guns on the firing range and velocity tracking (tracking)

Types of drones: Acolyte TD -300, Infiltrator TD-600, Praetor TD-900

Drones killing tracking systems sentry guns

Drones killing sensor systems (Sensor Dampener)

Reduce the range and speed of aiming at the enemy ship.

Types of drones: Hobgoblin SD-300, Hammerhead SD-600, Ogre SD-900

Drones killing sensors


4. Salvage Drones (Drones dismantling)

drone for salvage
Species: Salvage Drone I - on the eve market is one lightweight drone for salvaging of shipwrecks.

Volume 5 m3,
The width of the control channel 5Mbps

Skill for this drone Salvage Drone Operation - increases the likelihood of successful dismantling by 2% for each skill level.


5. Mining Drones (Drones extractors)

drones for mining radimp Drone presents versions of T1,T2 and Harvester drones for ore mining

Two skills affect the amount of mined ore Mining drones Drone Operations and

Drone Interfacing

6. Logistic Drones (Repair drones)

repair tonytony Shield Maintenance Bot and Armor Maintenance Bot

Presents three options light, medium and heavy, T1 and T2 technology.

Serve to repair the shield and armor of the allied ships.

For managing and improving performance is a skill Repair Drone Operation.

All their advantages, these drones reveal to repair ships, type Osprey and crafts group Logistics

Repair drones


3. Drones and skills.

The skills highlighted in a separate branch "Drones" and include:

•Advanced Drone Interfacing - Allows you to set the control module drones - Drone Control Unit. For every level of skill can be equipped with one additional module. Each installed module provides control of one additional drone. For ships CBT class.
•Drones - Skill remote control drones. Allows you to control 1 extra drone per skill level.(Maximum 5pcs)
•Drone Durability - Increases hits drones. 5% increase in hits shield, armor and hull drones on skill level.
•Drone Navigation - management Skill drones at high speeds. Increase the speed of quantum the motors (MicroWarpdrive) drones by 5% per skill level.
•Drone Sharpshooting Increases optimal range drones.
•Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing - This skill is required to use drones electronic countermeasures (electronic warfare), and also gives bonus-range management of all types of drones. Increase control drones at 3000 meters per skill level..
•Scout Drone Operation - management Skill combat reconnaissance drones. Increase control drones on the 5000 m at the level of the skill.
•Mining Drone Operation - management Skill drones extractors. 5% increase in production ore drones on skill level.
•Repair Drone Operation - management Skill repair drones. 5% increase in the efficiency of the repair skill.
•Salvage Drone Operation - management Skill dismantling the drones. Increasing the likelihood of successful dismantling - 2% for every level of skill.
•Drones Rigging Skill to install rigs versions of T1 and T2. Reducing the negative effect of improbably control drones (Drone Rig) by 10% per level of skill.

Skills increase DPS drones:

•Combat Drone Operation - management Skill reconnaissance drones. 5% increased damage to light and medium drones, on the skill level.
•Drone Interfacing - you can better control the drones. Increase the damaging effects of airborne weapons drones - 20%; higher production ore drones - 20%. The exception sentry drones, fighters and fighter-bombers.
•Heavy Drone Operation - management Skill heavy combat drones. 5% increase in damage heavy drones, on the skill level.
•Amarr/Caldari/Gallente/Minmatar Drone Specialization - management Skill advanced drones Amarr/Caldari/Gallente/Minmatar T2 versions. Increases by 2% damage to light, medium and heavy drones, which requires knowledge of the skill DroneSpecialization.
•Fighters - Allows you to control the fighters. 20% increase in damage fighters on the skill level
•Fighter Bombers - Allows you to control the fighter-bombers. 20% increase in damage to the fighter-bombers, on the skill level
•Sentry Drone Interfacing Skill management sentry drones. 5% increase in damage sentry drones, on the skill level.

4. Modules to increase the effectiveness of drones

Are on the market in the equipment of ships Drone Upgrades

Drone Control Unit

T1, officer
The top slot

Gives the ability to control one additional drone. To use this module requires skill Advanced Drone Interfacing, which allows you to install one control module drones for every level of skill. Options modules T1 and officers are using the CPU of the ship.

Can only be installed on ships-carriers and supercable-media.


Drone Link Augumentor

T1, T2, special officer

The top slot

Increases the range of control drones on 20km 30km...


Drone Navigation Computer

T1, T2, officer

Average slot

Increases the movement speed of drones when using on-Board warp-micro-motors. Bonus thrust from 25N to N


Drone Damage Amplifier

T1, T2, officer

The bottom slot

Increases the damage dealt by drones at 16% ...28,5%

This module is designed to control the combat drones.

When using multiple modules of this type (or modules that change the same characteristics of the ship) their overall effectiveness is reduced. No effect on drones-fighters and drones-bombers.


Omnidirectional Tracking Link

T1, T2, faction, officer

Average slot

Increases the optimal range and velocity tracking all drones on 20%...42%. It is advisable to use with sentry drones.

When using multiple modules of this type (or modules that change the same characteristics of the ship) their overall effectiveness is reduced.


5. Of Riga. (Tuning modules)

Required skill Drones Rigging (described above in skills)

The negative impact of rigs: reduce the power of the cpu -10% (partially neutralized skill Drones Rigging)

Riga sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Capital Drone Rigs

Veronii T1 and T2.

•Drone Control Range Augmentor I/II - Increases effective range control drones on 15/20 km
•Drone Durability Enhancer I/II - Increases the number of hits shields, armor and hull drones on 20/25%
•Drone Mining Augmentor I/II